Boggs {Charlotte NC Family Photographer}

In December I headed to Charlotte bright & early to capture some holiday portraits for the Boggs family. I’ve known Gary & Michelle for years now and I was excited & honored to meet their new addition to the family, little Ander. I was delighted to see that Michelle had picked out the cutest outfits for him to wear… especially one that transformed him into the most adorable little Christmas elf! I loved it! We did some shots in front of the big Christmas tree and just had to get a father-son shot in front of the little superhero tree upstairs (saying that Gary is super into superheros and Star Trek is a serious understatement). We also had fun trying to get a portrait of the “whole family” with their two beloved Shetland sheepdogs. Despite it being a bit nippy we headed out to do some shooting at a nearby shopping center all decorated for the holidays. We got a few shots with the tree branch reindeer sculptures before Ander decided the photo shoot was just plain over for him – I think he was in pain from teething, poor little guy – but, that gave us the perfect opportunity to grab a few shots of just mom & dad (after medicating the babe of course). I had fun with this sweet family of three, and hopefully the next time I see Ander he’ll be feeling much better!

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