Sarah {Charlotte | Bridal Portraits}

Let me preface this post by saying that the bride, Sarah, grew up right next door to me in Charlotte and her family has been such great friends & neighbors to mine over the years. So, naturally I was super excited to be able to capture her bridal portraits when the opportunity arose. I had a blast on this shoot – the weather was perfect, Sarah was an absolutely gorgeous vision in her dress and, as always, I had a fun & interesting time shooting in my beloved hometown of Charlotte. I was ever so grateful that Sarah’s mom, big sister and best friend were able to join us for a fun time shooting as well (it’s always great to have a few extra pairs of hands and friends to bounce ideas off of). So, we started out in NoDa (which by the way is a great place for portraits because of all the colorful murals and fun building facades) which I think was a perfect nod to Sarah’s fun, colorful personality. We even got to use the NoDa fire department’s firetruck as a prop! Can you say best. prop. ever. We then headed uptown to get some awesome shots near Spirit Square of Sarah in front of a waterfall fountain, by the iconic gold “wheel” sculpture and in front of a gorgeous green marble wall. And, the wind (obviously this was when it was much warmer out!) whipping around the skyscrappers definitely added a great sense of motion to many of the shots. I had a total “milestone moment” when someone asked me what magazine we were shooting for while we were downtown – definitely speaks to how in to it I was and how much Sarah was rockin’ that dress!  I’m happy to report that Sarah is now enjoying wedded bliss with her sweetheart, Rich. I hope that she will cherish these images for years to come!


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