Bolton {New Bern | Family Session}

I had so much fun shooting in downtown New Bern with this sweet family. Starting out at the Cow Cafe on a lovely Saturday morning and working our way around town through Bear Plaza and James Reed Lane, we ended the session sitting among the roots of a magnificent tree in the Episcopal Churchyard. Little D was a hoot… she taught me lots about how to be a “secret agent in training”, had some smooth Michael Jackson-like dance moves to show me and humored me by speculating where the cows that run the Cow Cafe live (in case you didn’t know, they live on the second floor of the building along James Reed Lane and their neighbors are chickens). We ended the session promptly to the ten o’clock toll of the church bell, just in time for the Cow Cafe to open its doors for the day (coincidence, I think not). Thanks to the Boltons for the FUN and educational session – I’ll be looking forward to my next lesson on how to be a secret agent again someday!  😉

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